My review of Your Voice Is All I Hear by Leah Scheier



This is a stunning heartbreaking love story of April and Jonah. The story takes place in Baltimore, Maryland.  April, is a 15-year old girl, who is started her sophomore year without her best friend who has relocated to another school. April is your typical insecure high school girl and she loves to play piano. On her first day of school, she meets the new kid, Jonah. Jonah is also interested in art and loves to paint. These two passions and their insecurities bring April and Jonah together. During their relationship, April starts to see subtle changes in Jonah but is reluctant to admit it until Jonah does something no one can ignore.

I was so impressed with April and the way she loved Jonah and stood faithfully by him at such a young age. I was so proud of the way she handled her school peers as they tease and torment her about Jonah.


This poignant story was a true testament to mental illness and the effects that is has on loved ones, but there is also an underlying powerful story of how one person can help others with the stigma associated with mental illness.  It is written with authentic truths and tragedies from the prospective of those who suffer from mental illness.

It was a truly touching and educational read.

I give it four out of four doves.


Thank you to NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own and reflect my experience in reading the book.

My review of Under My Skin by J. Kenner



This book is the final of the Stark International trilogy, and it continues the impassioned romance between Jackson and Sylvia. They have arrived back from picking up Jackson’s daughter, Victoria, when he is stopped by police for the murder of Robert Reed, and this is just the beginning of the problems for them. Jackson is losing all control over his life and being the control freak that he is only means one thing: pushing Sylvia away.

I absolutely loved the way Sylvia revolved throughout this book, not only within herself, but with Jackson and Victoria. Jackson, on the other hand, definitely has some anger issues that he needs to work through. But given his father, Jeremiah, I can clearly see why. But then again, Sylvia’s parents are not any better. This may be something that Jackson and Sylvia have in common that will only strengthen their relationship. You know if it is a J. Kenner book, you are not going to be disappointed with the delicious love scenes as seen in this book as well.

I also loved that Damien and Nikki are a part of this book as well.  I became a fan of J. Kenner after reading all four books of the Stark Trilogy, and continue to be a fan after this series as well.

It was the idyllic ending for Jackson, Sylvia and Victoria. It was pure joy to see them become a family even through everything they had to endure to get there but that just makes the ending all more worth the fight.

I give this book four out of four handcuffs.

I would suggest reading all three books, which are all available through Amazon. The first one is Say My Name: A Stark Novel (Stark International Trilogy Book 1). The second book is On My Knees: A Stark Novel (Stark International Trilogy Book 2), and this book is available for pre-order and will be released on September 1, 2015,  Under My Skin: A Stark Novel (Stark International Trilogy Book 3).

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley.

My Review of Can’t Fight Fate by Lisa N. Edwards


Nikki, at age 21, goes to visit a psychic. This psychic tells her in graphic detail all the qualities that her “soul mate” will have and the words of the psychic are imprinted on her mind… “Remember he’s nice to look at, nice to see, but if you chase him, he will flee…”

Fast forward and Nikki is now 38 and still hasn’t met Mr. Wonderful. She decides to follow her friend, Siobhan’s advice, and move from Australia to California, to practice law with Siobhan. While in California, Nikki meets her psychic’s omen, the man named “CJ”, and the twists and turns of the psychic’s revelations begin between Nikki and CJ.

I could totally relate to Nikki, as intelligent as she is, can’t seem to save herself from tripping and falling into anything and everything. The situations this girls puts herself in just had me laughing like crazy. I absolutely love the way the author incorporates Nikki’s asides into the book.

There were two things about this book that I didn’t like: 1. It felt like one author wrote the first half of the book, and another author wrote the second half of the book. The writing was not the same in the second half of the book, as it seemed the wit was gone from the book. 2. This book abruptly ends and really ticked me off. Here I was enjoying the adventures of Nikki, and then poof she’s gone! I am assuming there is going to be a sequel or I am going to be very upset!

In any event, I would recommend this book to romance lovers, paranormal romance readers, and readers who like to enjoy a good book with a laugh.

Thank you to NetGalley for a free copy of this book.

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My review of Nobody’s Fool


This book involves sisters, Grace, Holly, and twins, Emma and Portia. Grace and Holly are the older siblings and have been taking care of Emma and Portia since they were little girls as their mother had died at a young age. Holly is the main character of the book. Holly has been the primary sister taking care of twins, Emma and Portia, and living in London, Canada. While Grace, has become an attorney, married, and is living in Boston. Holly is looking for her sister, Portia, who is bipolar, has stopped taking her medications, and has left their home in Canada. Holly is looking for her sister in Chicago and finds a former classmate, Josh. Josh is someone that Holly has hated most of her life for an event that he did to her when they were younger. “Holy Holly” has to rely on Josh to find her sister due to certain circumstances, their attraction is undeniable, and romance ensues. Holly and Josh are led back to Holly’s hometown to find Portia. Holly has no choice but to rely on Josh for his help and she must let her walls that she has built from her past fall in order to save her sister. All the sisters are brought together in their hometown to deal with an issue in their past, and further secrets are revealed. Thank you to for the opportunity to review this book and provide an honest review.
This book will be available August 25, 2015, but you can pre-order it now at a reduced price. I wanted to read this book because it involved a character that has bipolar, and it is nice to see an author writing about mental health issues in a clear productive manner.

Nobody’s Fool (A Willow Park Romance Book 2)

My review of Silent Cry


What a remarkable story about Ms. Newton strength, courage, and unfailing faith.
Dorothy, raised in a physically abusive home as a child, overcomes so many adversities during her life, and has so many blessings in her life. She is truly an inspiration as to what you can achieve with your life. Her faith in God was such an inspiration to me.
I also enjoyed the added interviews from her two children and her ex-husband.
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