silver lead and dead

Silver Lead and Dead

Author: James Garmisch

Synopsis: Ex CIA agent Evan Hernandez knows the odds of seeing a kidnaping victim again and alive, no less, is about zero. When a family friend is kidnapped in Juarez and his brother asks him to be his alibi so he can travel to pay the ransom, Evan proposes to go in his place. After all, he has nothing to lose. Perhaps through his own sacrifice he will finally find redemption. In Mexico, Evan stumbles quite literally into a conflict between an ambitious cartel leader with a desire to reshape Mexico and a government sponsored mercenary outfit run by an ex-CIA agent from Evan’s past. Dark Cloud’s mission is to create a vacuum, destroy the Eastern Cartel and control the remaining crime syndicates. Evan finds himself immersed once again into a life he knows too well, the same life of deceit and danger that cost him his family decades earlier in Columbia. Silver Lead and Dead takes you on a journey into the terrifying world of the narco. Mexico is collapsing. The leader of Dark Cloud uses two ghosts from Evan’s past to recruit him, a mission involving a submarine sale, and the man who killed his family.

Amazon Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.ca/Silver-Lead-Dead-Evan-Hernandez-ebook/dp/B011A3ATNS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1442687975&sr=8-1&keywords=silver+lead+and+dead

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My review of Before the Dawn by Georgia Rose



This is the second book of the Grayson Trilogy. To see my first review on the first book, A Single Step, click here.

The author is very honest in the beginning of the book that you must read the first book because she does not summarize the first book in the second book. I, personally, appreciate that as I do not want to reread the first book, I want to get rolling on the next book, but I digress. Moving on……..


So we are back on Melton Manor, which is owned by Cavendish, (remember, last names only) with Grayson and Trent. Due to the nature of Trent’s and Cavendish’s job, the manor is under a possible attack by terrorist.


The manor’s security is increased and all the employees are on high alert. As Grayson, Grace and the children are at Grayson’s cottage, the manor is attacked, and it is up to Grayson to save Mr. Cavendish’s wife and children.


Thankfully, Grayson (the bad ass that she is) has some mad skills to aid her in this situation.

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Also, Grayson and Trent’s relationship progresses throughout the book, but not without a hitch or two along the way. The idyllic ending was perfect! We also get to know what Trent’s first name is in this book.


This book was an excellent follow-up to the first book and a very suspenseful read!!

However, I still have some unanswered questions. Who was the mystery shooter on the Grassy Knoll? With the requirements that Cavendish has for his employees, why isn’t his wife better trained? Also, I think I smell a mole within the group!

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Overall, I give this book 3.5 out of four tree houses. (See Rating System).

Special thanks to the author, Georgia Rose, for allowing me to review this book for free in exchange for an honest review. My reviews are based on my opinions of the book and are my opinions alone.


My review of A Single Step by Georgia Rose

Emma Grayson was left devastated when her life was torn apart by tragedy and betrayal. Now someone believes it’s time for her to start again and puts an advert for a job through her door which leads her to the Melton Estate. Despite her desire for a solitary existence she finds herself discovering a life she could never have imagined, challenging her independence, her fears and her resistance to love.


This is a story involving Emma Grayson who has started a new job and essentially a new life at the Melton Estate, where she is hired to tend the horses on the estate. Emma moves onto the estate with the only family she has left, her dog, Susie. Emma has not had the easiest life and has endured more loss in her life then any one person should ever have.

While working on the estate, who is refereed to as Grayson, she meets the other employees and they all become a working family. Each person is a team player and they all help each other out. Emma settles into a routine with her job even though her boss, Trent, initially is not the most welcoming guy to Emma.


One of the things that I loved about Emma is that she is not a damsel in distress, but an intelligent, fiercely independent, courageous woman, who speaks her mind, even to her boss, Trent.

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Finally, after much hesitancy, Emma starts to open her heart to Trent, who really has endured a loss much like Emma, and love blossoms.

“…we made each other into better people and now that seemed to me to be something worth fighting for.” ~Emma

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Overall, this was truly an amazing read. It had me in tears of sadness, moments of frustration and moments of great relief. An absolute page turner!

Overall, I give it four out of four “Bond Girls”.

Thank you to the author, Georgia Rose, for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. My opinions of the book are mine alone and are based only on my experience of reading the book.

My review of Hiding Places by Erin Healy



This book is set in Colorado and mainly involves the story of 11-year-old Kate and her family, Great Grandma Pearl, Gran and Grandy, her mother, Janet, and two older sisters, Alyssa and Olivia. Kate lives in a house that was renovated into a hotel and restaurant. Kate’s family runs the hotel. This story also weaves into another type of family, a street family. Runaways that are living under a bridge that have formed a “family” bond: Merridew, the patriarch, Eve, a few others, and most notably, Charlie. You also have another family, which I’ll call the “reformer family”, existing of “Fox” and his son, “Coz”, who live in the projects. Fox is a former gang member and is trying to lead his son down the right path and away from his former gang. The three families collide when the street family, crosses the reformer family, which descends onto the hotel family.

The story is told through Kate, who is a child ignored and wanders throughout the hotel like “Nancy Drew”, listening to everything that is going on around her and hiding in the various hidden places of the hotel. Kate has a beautiful soul that catches the eye of her Great Grandmother Pearl, who everyone thinks is senile. The other family members harbor their own hiding places within themselves. It is the beauty within Kate and her Great Grandmother Pearl that brings this book full circle.

Initially, when I started to read the book, it was jumping from family to family and I just wanted to put it down and not read it. But, I reread some of the reviews and picked it back up, and I am glad that I did. Once the book picked up, I could not put it down until I knew how everything unfolded between the families, especially involving Charlie. Charlie is another character that adds a dimension of unexpected love into this book.

Overall, I give it three of out of 4 harmonicas.

Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for a free copy of this book. This book will be available for order on September 8, 2015.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <http://booklookbloggers.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_03/16cfr255_03.html> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

My Review of Infinite Possibilities (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen Book 2) by Lisa Renee Jones


This is the second book in The Secret Life of Amy Benson series. I previously reviewed the first book and that review can be found here.


The second book obviously picks up where the first book left off. Amy is still trying to figure out her past and her relationship with Liam. Also returning in the second book are Derek, Jared, and Meg. Amy is starting to have more memories resurface from her past and is getting closer to putting the dots of her past together, and is still suffering from her blackout and other physical issues.You still have the sex scenes between Liam and Amy, some of which I think are at inappropriate times. (But, maybe, it is part of Liam’s master plan or does he really just love her, I do not know, I am so confused).


There are a lot of new reveals in this book, but I am still trying to figure it out in my own head of who to trust or not to trust. The jury is still out on Liam………. As with book one, the book ends with a cliffhanger. I think I am a book masochistic but with this series I just cannot control myself. I must have answers and I hope are revealed in the third book, Forsaken.

download (1)However, now I realize there is a fourth book, Unbroken, coming out on September 7, 2015!

imagesSo I vow I will not read Forsaken until Unbroken comes out. I absolutely refuse, repeat, repeat..images (1)

I give this book four out of four time capsules.