#ProductReview of #Cargarbagecan

Yes, you make ask yourself why is this woman blogging about a car garbage can? Has she lost her mind? What could possibly be so great about a car garbage can? Well, let me tell you!!!

I have a seven-year-old daughter that can make my backseat look like a hoarder’s backseat with all the trash she leaves behind,albeit, food on the way to school, snacks on the way home from school, papers that fall out of her school bag, toys she opens, etc. Needless to say, I needed to get something different than using a store bag hanging off of my gear shift. When I came upon this item, I had to try it.

It has been such an amazing item that I have ever gotten for my car. It is big enough to hold A LOT of garbage (17 x 13 x 2 inches) and it comes WITH garbage bags. You can hang it or you can sit it on the floor, like I do, and it is leak proof with its interior waterproof material. My daughter also puts her drink in the sides as this has mesh pockets on both sides, so no more spilling as well. In the front pocket, she puts her tablet while she is at school and she can grab it easily when she gets back in the car. When the bag is full or you want it out of sight, you can easily close it with the spring frame opening and toss it in your trunk (I have a SUV so I can easily throw it behind the backseat and it is out of sight and securely closed).  This car garbage can has absolutely saved the value of my car and makes it so much easier to keep my car clean. I highly recommend it for all car owners, boat owners, home owners, camping, or really anyone because really it is a very versatile bag. You could use it as a diaper pal at home or on the go, or I could even see using it as a diaper bag on the go with its side pockets and front pocket. 

This item is available at Amazon HERE!!!!!

I received this item at a discount and/or free in exchange for an honest review and I received no financial compensation for my review. My review is solely based on my personal experiences with the product and are my opinions alone.

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If you clip your pet’s nails, this is a #musthave!


This is my sweet ten-year-old shih tzu , Ani girl. She’s an angel but is getting up in age and isn’t too happy with going to the groomers anymore. So, I have to clip her nails and it makes me so nervous. I have no problem cutting babies nails, but when it comes to my Ani, I’m a nervous wreck.  I am always afraid of clipping to far down and cutting the quick of her nails, which I have done before. I have tried many different clippers over the years all of which have been difficult to use and crush her nails instead of cutting them.


I ordered the RollinPets Pet Nail Clippers and they are wonderful. They are so much easier to use then the other one’s that I have tried (above). They have a nice soft grip to hold, which when you are trying to hold a dog’s paw in one hand and nail clippers in the other, this is important. The RollinPets Pet Nail Clippers are very, very sharp, so I can cut a little at a time. It makes it so much easier to cut her nails because they are so sharp, you can literally take off a centimeter at a time. Since I am more relaxed using these, my dog is more relaxed as well. I also love that you get a storage bag and a massage brush with this set.

You can get the RollinPets Pet Nail Clippers here: AMAZON



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