My review of Because of You by Kristina O’Grady



One sizzling night… One life-changing moment!

Beth Copeland has made a terrible mistake. She slept with her long time crush Mark Asher…the man she couldn’t get out of her head, the man she dreamed about…the man who recently broke up with her best friend, Kelsey Woods!

Beth is consumed with guilt and is certain she will never let that one night of passion be repeated, but sometimes a gorgeous cowboy is hard to resist…

The second blazing novel in the brand new Copeland Ranch romance trilogy from Kristina O’Grady


Book 1 – I Choose You, Book 2 – Because of You, Book 3 – All For You


This was a love story involving Beth Copeland and Mark Asher, who have been in love with each other for years but haven’t been able to come together until one drunken night.(Never a good beginning, but hey) There are some blame games and self defeating behaviors between Beth and Mark, and some interceptors with Beth’s best friend, Kelsey and Beth’s family. Oh, did I mention that Kelsey and Mark dated for five years? (Side note to Kelsey: If he doesn’t put a ring on it within three years, time to MOVE ON AND UP!)

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But in the end, all in the their world is good or so it seems………

Beth was a character that I had trouble relating to and her choices to me throughout the book were unassertive. Working at a catering business for a film crew for no money and the methodical evil chef all to avoid Mark?

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I did like that the characters were well developed and the story was descriptively written. I didn’t like the time jumps in the book and the jumping around reading about one character and then suddenly the next chapter you start with a different character. Personally, it lacked cohesion for me. I did like the unexpected scene between Mark and the cow as I clearly did not see that coming.

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Overall, I give it 3 of out of 3 cowboys.

I did not read the first book in the series but there seems to be references back to the first book so I was able to follow along. I do not know if reading the first book would have many a difference in my opinion.

You can purchase the book at Amazon: Because Of You (The Copeland Ranch Trilogy, Book 2)

I was given this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own.