Remembering you with so much love and joy!


It feels like only yesterday

That God set you free

It is so hard to believe

This is year three.


I have learned to stop questioning

Constantly asking God why

He took you from this earth

And allowed you to die.


Now, I can look at your pictures

And happily see your face

Knowing you are home

And in a better place.


I see you looking down from Heaven

Your eyes beaming so bright

So proud of your family

Knowing we are going to be alright.


You left behind a blessing

Your daughter is so much like you

In the little things she does

She is like you through and through


Today, I’m choosing to rejoice

And to no longer be sad

Speaking of the good times

And enjoying the times we had.


For I know a part of you remains with us

Just in a different way

So I will continue to honor you

Each and every day.

Remembering you with so much love and joy!

~Your Auntie~

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In Memory of a Beloved Nephew

I’ll Carry You With Me~
Two years ago today
I never thought I’d lose you
Taken away in an instant
There was nothing I could do
As the months have gone by
and my heart remains the same
Still left shattered and broken
At the mention of your name
If I only had a second chance
To have you back with us
I would cherish every moment
We’d have so much to discuss
I would tell you how I was so proud
Of the man you came to be
A great father to your daughter
That everyone could clearly see
I would tell you how much I love you
Remembering all the years I got to see you grow
How honored I felt to be your aunt
But all these things you will never know.
I have my photos and memories of you
Because that’s all that remain
I will cherish these always
Until we met again
Please know you will never be forgotten
As you are thought of every day
I carry you in my heart forever
So you are never far away
Love you always, Jakey
Your Auntie

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