Tell-Tale Publishing’s Halloween Horror Party with Giveaway!!!



Welcome to our Haunted Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop Giveaway! Not only do you have the opportunity to win the prizes mentioned below, but many of the blog participants have added additional prizes to their individual blogs!

So let’s take a look at how to safely navigate this Scavenger Hunt.

1. There is a 6 word sentence that is a quote by a famous author hidden among blog
posts on the hop. You can recognize them when you see them because they are in

2. No words are repeated. Here’s a free one: “A”! Now you only need to find 5!

3. The first and last name of the famous Author who is quoted will earn you extra
bonus points!

4. The contest will be held from 1 a.m. e.s.t. October 23rd to midnight on October 25th. Each participating blog site has at least one clue to help you
construct the 6 word quote and name the author.

5.  Please note that after the 23rd though the blog post will still be posted, on some
participants’ blogs, it may not be the “top” post, so don’t forget to scroll down
until you find your clue!

Good Luck! Don’t forget that once you find the answer, you may enter the raffle on each participant’s site! Each entry multiplies your chance of winning! Winners will be randomly chosen using Raffle Copter.

Herein lies your clue………………………………………………

The Murders in the Rue Morgue  by Edgar Allan Poe


The mental features discoursed of as the analytical, ARE, in themselves, but little susceptible of analysis. We appreciate them only in their effects. We know of them, among other things, that they ARE always to their possessor, when inordinately possessed, a source of the liveliest enjoyment. As the strong man exults in his physical ability, delighting in such exercises as call his muscles into action, so glories the analyst in that moral activity which disentangles. He derives pleasure from even the most trivial occupations bringing his talent into play. He is fond of enigmas, of conundrums, of hieroglyphics; exhibiting in his solutions of each a degree of acumen which appears to the ordinary apprehension præternatural. His results, brought about by the very soul and essence of method, have, in truth, the whole air of intuition.

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