#ProductReview of Tropicana Vitamin C and Zinc


My family is a big fan of orange juice so when I was offered a complimentary bottle from Tropicana and BzzAgent for testing purposes, I quickly acted on it, and shared it with my family. Tropicana Vitamin C and Zinc comes in two varieties of some pulp and no pulp. My family prefers the no pulp.

I am already a huge fan of Tropicana Orange juice as I believe they have the best tasting orange juice on the market as they use fresh squeezed oranges and they make it without any added sugar, water or preservatives, which is another reason I love Tropicana and as a mom I feel confident my children aren’t getting any added sugar.


Tropicana Vitamin C and Zinc has three times the Vitamin C of regular orange juice. Adding Vitamin C and Zinc to your every day diet helps to support a health immune system. With the cold and flu season upon us, I try to do everything I can to help my family have a strong immune system and Tropicana Vitamin C and Zinc makes that easy.

Tropicana Vitamin C and Zinc can be found in just about all major stores. You can locate your nearest store by clicking HERE! and for a limited time you can save $1.00 off your next 59 oz bottle of Tropicana. Get your coupon!

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