Dauntless (Sons of Templar #5) by Anne Malcom #CoverReveal

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TITLE: Dauntless

SERIES: Sons of Templar #5

AUTHOR: Anne Malcom

MODEL: Matthew Hosea

PHOTOG: Furious Fotog

COVER DESIGN: Kari Ayasha, Cover to Cover Designs

RELEASE DATE: October 27th, 2016


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This isn’t a fairy tale. I’ll save you the trouble by telling you that now.

This is the tale of a girl who spent her life bouncing around foster homes, who had her innocence stolen in the darkness before she knew it was something that could be lost. Her demons followed her everywhere, after that night. They chased her to the medical school she dropped out of, to the strip club she sold herself in, and finally caught her in a river of sin where they tried to drown her.

My name is Bex and this is my story.

I’m paddling, barely keeping my head above water. And even though I’m submerged, I’ll never be clean. The layer of dirt that has clung to me since birth is a tattoo I’ll wear for life.

He can’t see it, though.

Even when I’m torn and tattered, and left in pieces, he wades into the filth to try to put those pieces back together.

He doesn’t seem to understand there’s nothing left to repair. To love. Just sullied fragments of a damned soul.

He’s willing to damn himself in order to exact revenge on those who sent me to the pit.

Problem is, my name is at the top of that list, since I not only damned my own soul, but his too.

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About Anne

Anne Malcom has been an avid reader since before she can remember, her mother responsible for her book addiction. It started with magical journeys into the world of Hogwarts and Middle Earth, then as she grew up her reading tastes grew with her. Her obsession with books and romance novels in particular gave Anne the opportunity to find another passion, writing. Finding writing about alpha males and happily ever afters more fun than reading about them, Anne is not about to stop any time soon.

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The Secrets We Kept by Lily Velez Blog Tour #BookReview




Book & Author details:

The Secrets We Kept by Lily Velez
Publication date: November 8th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

One year. That’s how long it’s been since childhood sweethearts Sully Graham and Cadence Gilbertson broke up, since one adoption and one out-of-state move turned their worlds upside down.

Suddenly, Cadence is back in New York City, but something’s different about her. The light in her eyes, the music in her laughter, the warmth in her smile—all of those things have entirely vanished. In their place stand the makings of a girl Sully can’t even begin to recognize, much less understand.

Still, despite the collective history of heartbreak between them, he’s convinced he can win her trust again, and he’s committed to proving the invincibility of their love no matter what it takes.

But Cadence is quietly harboring secrets of her own. Dark secrets. Ugly secrets. Secrets that could break a person. And though broken herself and unbearably lonely, she’s determined to protect Sully from her terrible, biting truths. Even if it means locking him out of her life forever.

The only problem is it seems her heart hasn’t quite received the memo. One glimpse of him is all it takes for her to trip into familiar (and, she’ll admit, addictive) feelings that threaten to all but consume her. Now her biggest fear is that her secrets will begin to slowly unravel one by one…long before Sully’s resolve ever does.

The Secrets We Kept is a moving story about first love, friendship, and forgiveness, and the enduring bonds that forever connect us and give us our strength.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26096043-the-secrets-we-kept?ac=1


This book involves the lives of foster kids forced together under the rule of their foster “parent”, Ol’ Man Peterson, who suffers from some severe emotional issues that he dulls with alcohol and beating the foster kids in his care. The book mainly involves Sulligan “Sully” Graham and his biological brother, Spencer, Cadence and Novah. The book starts out at the present time and then throughout the story jumps back in time to give you more background about Sully, Spencer, Cadence and Novah.

They once all lived and protected each other from Ol’ Man Peterson. Mr. Peterson finally snaps one day and the kids are taken to other foster homes. Sully and Spencer are placed together, Cadence had previously been moved to another foster home to be adopted, and Novah is moved to another foster home. On the postive side, they all seem to have much better living arrangements and not placed into other stereotypical foster homes of not being wanted.

Sully and Cadence had formed a deep friendship when she came to live at the Peterson house, where Sully and Spencer had already been living. As they continued to grow older, their friendship developed into a loving romantic relationship. Cadence was eventually adopted by a good family and Cadence finds out that her father has been transferred to California for his job and she must leave all of her friends and Sully behind. This ultimately starts the unraveling between the foster kids.

Cadence returns to New Jersey after being in California for a year but she isn’t the same girl and is harboring a very dark secret that has pushed her into a very deep depression, and she is finding it difficult to resume her life before California.   Cadence is forced into individual and group therapy, where she meets Haley, who happens to be placed in the same foster home with Spencer, after Haley’s entire family dies in an auto accident.


Through therapy and her new friend, Haley, Cadence starts to slowly begin to deal with her issues, including Sully, who she continues to push away.

While Cadence was in California, Sully didn’t deal well with the break up and started working three jobs to avoid his own secrets and pain, and his relationship with his brother suffered as well.

Although Cadence was the one in therapy, it was what she learned in therapy that ultimately aided all her foster friends.

What is Cadence secret that is tearing her apart? Can Sully and Cadence ever get their loving relationship back?  Will Sully’s own secret destroy his relationship with his brother forever? You will have to read the book.

This book was truly an amazing and inspirational read and a true testament that blood alone doesn’t always make you a family.

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Favorite quote from the book: “…..No, we may not have parents and we may not have money, but if there’s one thing we do have, it’s heart. And heart has taken plenty of people further than any other thing out there”

I give this book four out of four “BALLERINA SLIPPERS”. See rating system HERE.

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Lily Velez has been writing stories since she was six years old. Not much has changed since then. She still prefers the written word and her overactive imagination over the ‘real world’ (though to be fair, her stories no longer feature talking dinosaurs). A graduate of Rollins College and a Florida native, when she’s not reading or writing, she spends most of her days wrangling up her pit bulls Noah and Luna, planning exciting travel adventures, and nursing her addiction to cheese. All this when she isn’t participating in the extreme sport known as napping. You can learn more about Lily and her books at http://www.lilyvelezbooks.com.

Lily’s debut young adult novel, The Secrets We Kept, released on November 8, 2015.

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Blog Tour for Voices by Clarissa Johal

“Sometimes the ghosts from your past…are real.”

Title: Voices
Author: Clarissa Johal
Genre: Paranormal Psychological Suspense
Release Date: May 19, 2015
Tour Host: DRC Promotions


Sometimes the ghosts from your past…are real.

Moira Flynn is arrested for attacking a door-to-door solicitor with a knife. She claims a voice told her the man was intent on assaulting her. The trouble is, she was the only one that heard that voice. Moira strikes a plea bargain and is sent to a psychiatric hospital for voluntary treatment. Dr. Richard Cassano is hesitant to treat her as schizophrenic, as she does not show the standard symptoms. As their sessions progress, Moira confesses there are two voices—and they aren’t voices in her head, but the voices of ghosts. Are they imaginary? Or are they actual spirits, attached to her for reasons of their own? As Moira’s doctor uncovers more of her past, he begins to realize that her ghosts are real. And one of them is determined to drag Moira into the afterlife with him.


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They got their food and sat at one of the dining room tables in the corner. Moira pretended not to notice a couple of raised eyebrows from the other patients.

“How long have you been able to see them?”


“Your ghosts.”

“For a while,” Moira replied vaguely.

Adam picked up his dinner roll and took a large bite. “My guess is longer than just ‘a while.’”

Moira’s attention was captured again by his green eye, so sharply contrasting his brown one. He was almost too intense to look at. Almost.

“How did you get the scratches?” His gaze settled on her cheek.

“One of the other patients started a fight,” she said, covering her cheek with her hand. “I guess she doesn’t like me.”

“What’s not to like? You seem okay to me.”

Oddly, his statement made her stomach do a flip-flop. “Thanks.”

“You know how some people are, quick to judge.” He dropped his fork and bent to retrieve it.

Moira pictured herself reaching over and brushing back the lock of dark hair that fell across his forehead. She glanced nervously over her shoulder. Jack and Isabella were strangely silent. Isabella was probably just trying to figure out what childish thing she could say, but Jack…she knew that Jack was sizing Adam up; he did it with every man she came into contact with. And she knew he wouldn’t appreciate her noticing how handsome Adam was either.

“I’m sure they upped her meds,” Adam said as he tossed the fork onto the table again. “This place sucks. It won’t do a damn thing but make you spill your guts, drive you crazy or turn you into a zombie. Last pills they sent me home with made me feel like my skull was being split with a meat cleaver.”

“So you stopped taking them?”


“How did you end up back here?”

“My brother called the cops. Lying asshole, I should be used to it by now,” Adam muttered. “I was staying with him until I got my shit together, but he walked in on me as I was flushing my pill down the toilet and freaked out.” A look of distress crossed his face. “Whatever, I’ll be out soon enough.” He finished his roll and started on an apple. “What did your doctor put you on? Who is your doctor anyways?”

“Um, he hasn’t put me on anything yet. I see Dr. Cassano.”

“Ahh, Dr. Cassano.” He raised an eyebrow. “I hear the nurses talking about him all the time.”

“He’s nice enough.”

“I see Dr. Leo. He’s an asshole.” He spit out the bite of his apple and without getting up, tossed the rest of it into the garbage, basketball style. “Have you spoken to your ghosts about leaving?”

“I’ve …tried.”

“They won’t?”


“You want me to ask them for you?”

“Seriously?” She stayed an initial surge of hopefulness and reminded herself that Adam was in here because he was crazy. Not like her at all.

“I can try.”

He settled back and stared right at Isabella. That’s a fluke, she thought. He just picked an empty spot next to me.

“You need to go,” Adam said simply. “Moira doesn’t want you around her.” He waited a beat. “Wow, she’s hostel. Kids can be such brats. I’ll try your other one.”

He looked right at where Jack stood. The other empty spot next to me, she reminded herself.

“Leave. Your time is done, tall guy. You have no business being here anymore.”

She felt Jack’s presence crackle with anger.

“He’s even more hostel than she is,” Adam said. “Sucks for you.”

Moira felt her hopes deflate. Well, it’s not as if he can really see them, she thought. “Thanks anyways.”

He aimed his plastic cup towards the trash and tossed it. It missed and rolled towards the kitchen door. “Damn. No points for me.”

The cook leaned out the kitchen door and waved his ladle at them. “Stop tossing your garbage everywhere, you’re getting milk on the floor. Somebody’s got to mop that up.”

“I hate that a culinary genius like you has to do that,” Adam called back with a straight face.

“Smart ass,” the cook replied. “You lucky I don’t spit in your food.”

Adam held his hands up in mock surrender. “I know you say that with love, Nathan.” He picked up his tray. “See you around.”

Moira watched him swagger away. It suddenly dawned on her that she hadn’t mentioned Isabella was a child or said anything about Jack.

Lucky guess.


About The Author:

Clarissa Johal is the author of paranormal novels, THE ISLAND, VOICES, STRUCK, and BETWEEN. When she’s not listening to the ghosts in her head, she’s dancing, taking pictures of gargoyles, or swinging from a trapeze. She shares her life with her husband, two daughters, and every stray animal that darkens their doorstep.

*Member of the Horror Writers Association



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