#BookReviewers Rant About Some #Authors

First and foremost, this does not apply to all authors. I have meet several amazing authors that are absolutely wonderful and deserve to be recognized: Georgia Rose, Christine Hughes, Libby Cole, Julia Kent, Lisa N. Edwards, Tamra Lassiter, C.H. Armstrong, and Kelly Cain, just to name a few.

I’ve been reading some crazy stuff on social media regarding authors and book reviewers and I think it’s a shame. I totally understand the time an author puts into writing a book and I respect that. So I ask for that same respect. I am happy to promote a book for any author for free on my blog out of that respect for an author. I want every book to succeed or at least have a chance to touch someone’s life.


I also do a lot of book reviews for authors and I’m happy to do it. But please remember that I am only one person, with a full-time job, and a single mother. If I promised you a review, you will get a review after I read the book, IN MY OWN TIME! Unless you have chosen an expedited review, which is a different story. Please remember, just because you give me a free book to read (which I do sincerely appreciate) you don’t own me. I am not in a monogamous relationship with any author, so I will be seeing other authors as well.  



Please keep in mind that a book reviewer for each book read puts in approximately 15 hours of reading time, writing a review, posting it on various sites, including a blog post (I do anyway) all for FREE for your book! I also do a lot of tweeting to promote different books and different book reviewer blogs (several hours a day, in fact). I don’t think you will find many people who will voluntarily put it that kind of time for free!

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Furthermore, if a book is offered in a “giveaway”, you shouldn’t expect I will review that book within 72 hours of receiving it or that I’ll write a review at all. That’s not a free giveaway instead call it was it is: quid pro quo!

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Okay, rant over!!!