#HelpMe pick a new cell phone #Samsung vs. ?

I previously owned and Iphone and then went to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a few years ago before big cell phones were cool. Anyway, I absolutely loved my Note 2 so I decided I would upgrade to the Note 4 when it came out. This is where my troubles began. My Note 4 is not the cell phone that I dreamt it would be. I have barely had it a year and it gives me nothing but trouble. The battery is always dying on me even after hardly using it and the battery always seems to be hot. The phone will shut down after taking a couple pictures with the camera for no apparent reason or the phone will say 40% battery and then five minutes later will completely shut down because the battery is completely dead. Yes, I have talked to my cell phone carrier and it is always the same answer. Do a hard restart. Now, anyone that has a cell phone knows how much a hard restart SUCKS!

So my mind is made up, I am getting a new cell phone. I just can’t decide which one. I don’t want to go back to Apple because everything else that I have is android. I absolutely loved my Note 2, but I don’t know what went wrong with the Note 4. No one can tell me other than “Do a hard restart”. Bite me! Those days are over! I want a phone that has a nice camera and a long battery life. So with this rant coming to a close, can you my fellow bloggers help me?

Do I try the Note 5 or there another android phone out there that is just amazing that no one has told me about? Reveal the secret wonder phone!

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