Expedited Review Service


PLEASE NOTE** You are NOT paying for a review, you are paying for a guaranteed time frame of the review. The review will still be honest and not influenced by the guaranteed review.

If you need a review quickly and would like to pay a small fee for an expedited review, I provide that service. I can guarantee a three day turn around for books under 250 pages . I can guarantee a review for books longer than 250 pages in five days. This includes an honest review on my blog, twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, and any other places that you request. You will receive an honest review that I would give any other author— I am just giving you a guaranteed time frame for your review. 

If this is something that you would be interested in , please send me an email at circumspect4@gmail.com and put EXPEDITED REVIEW in the subject line, along with the details of the book and I will reply to you ASAP!