Meeting Max by Richard Brumer


I just came across this book that is currently free on Kindle Unlimited but it sounds like an amazing read! Please check it out!!!

Meeting Max–A romantic suspense novel by Richard Brumer

(FREE download on Kindle Unlimited)

A young love has consequences that last a lifetime… Rick Newman and Julie Phillips fall in love in 1979 while attending NYU. They plan to be married after graduation, but when Julie becomes pregnant, the baby—their son—is given up for adoption, and the turbulent emotions surrounding the loss ultimately ends their relationship.
Family is family…even if you’ve never met. Years later, Rick receives some shocking news and is driven to find the now twenty-seven year old. Following clues from a social worker, he learns his son, Eric, lives in India…and he has a young son of his own.
A journey halfway around the world leads to joy and tragedy. On a flight to India, Rick meets a beautiful American, Elena Weisz, and the two form an immediate bond. Upon arrival in Delhi, however, she mysteriously vanishes. Rick immerses himself in the magical, exotic culture of India as he pursues a relentless search for Eric.
Paths finally cross, with disastrous results… Rick and Elena meet again on a desert adventure, and he finds himself entangled in a terrorist plot with unimaginable repercussions. His search for Eric also fails to turn out as he’d wished, leaving him devastated. Rick has only one hope remaining, and that is meeting his grandson…Max.
Can finding the boy not only heal the past, but provide hope for a brighter future?
Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and as a FREE DOWNLOAD on Kindle Unlimited!

#FREEBOOK- Forever: A Lobster Kind of Love by Jody Pardo & Jennifer Tocheny


When a drunk truck driver claimed Lydia’s husband and son, her world shattered. The small town that once embraced her was now her personal hell. She made the decision to leave her hometown of Nazareth, Pennsylvania and move to Eastport, Maine, to start over in the last happy place she ever knew.

When the sea tried to claim Ryan, he was left a broken man. Starting over in a wheelchair was the last thing he expected to do. Ryan was born to be a lobster fisherman, not a buoy. When Lydia became his home care nurse, he never expected her to be the light at the end of his tunnel.

Will their broken hearts survive a second chance or will they remain locked in their cages?

Lobsters mate for life. Lobster love is forever.

Forever: A Lobster Kind of Love is still FREE until midnight!! Grab it while you can before the price goes back up!
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Free Romance Thursday

So I thought I’d start doing something different on Thursdays and I’ve come up with Read for Free Thursdays. Hey, it’s almost the end of week, you don’t have the extra money for a book and sometimes you just want to read for you and not worry about having to do a review.

These are five free romance books for Kindle that I found interesting on Amazon. (At the time of this post, these books were free, prices are subject to change at anytime. I can’t control everything). 😉

1. Untouched (A Beachwood Bay Love Story Book 1) by Melody Grace
Get at Amazon


2. Unbroken (A Beachwood Bay Love Story Book 2) by Melody Grace
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3. The Other Side of Someday (Carolina Days Book 1) by Carey Heywood
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4.  End of Eternity by Loretta Lost
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5.  Mail Order Bride: Summer’s Fury: Inspirational Historical Western (Pioneer Wilderness Romance Book 1) by Katie Wyatt
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These are my five picks. If you’ve read any of them, please comment with a simple, Loved it, Hated it, or, girl, you just crazy!

FREE AMAZON DOWNLOAD: The Panty Whisperer: An Erotic Short Story (The Panty Whisperer Series Book 1)


Looking for a quick read to get your heart racing and your panties in a bunch??? HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!  GET IT HERE!!!!  You can thank me later!!! 😉

Editorial Synopsis:

**Warning: This short story is 5,500 words. It contains adult language and hot, steamy, balls deep sexual situations written to make your thighs quiver and your toes curl. Enjoy!**

Have you ever been pushed to the edge, and then over it? Have you ever had your toes cramp and your head shoot to the sky, trying to log every touch, every feeling in your memory, to reenact every situation later in the shower, or underneath your cool bed sheets? Have you ever had someone own your mind, penetrating every single one of your sexual fantasies, unable to shake free of them?

The thought of me will be a thirst you can’t quench, an itch you just can’t scratch, a drug that you cannot have. Every time you run your fingers down over your body, longing for that unattainable feeling I gave you, that warm sensation shooting into your toes, that complete surrender of all inhibition, aching for me to have you just one more time, I’ll be there, inside your mind…

My name is Joel Hannover and I am the panty whisperer. Some men are good at business, some gifted at mathematics–I’m good at making women come, hard. It’s a gift I’ve possessed my entire life. If there was a girl nobody could bed, I was the first to get there. I always get there. I work as an accounting software consultant. That’s a fancy way of saying I’m a salesman. Accounting departments are full of women, dressed conservatively, presumed to live boring, mundane lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. These women are unique, sexual creatures, yearning for someone to take them to their breaking point and beyond.

Jessica Moore is one such woman, mid-thirties, bad marriage, basically raising the kids all on her own. She is sexy as hell, she just doesn’t know what she’s capable of. Will I give her everything she longs for? You’ll just have to read to find out…