#RomCom My #Bookreview of The Single Girl’s Calendar by @ErinGreenAuthor @BrookCottageBks

Rosie Amber

The Single Girl's CalendarThe Single Girl’s Calendar by Erin Green

4 stars

The Single Girl’s Calendar is a romantic comedy set in Birmingham.

Twenty-nine year old Esmé is planning a weekend anniversary with her boyfriend of seven years. She’s hoping her romantic surprise will lead to a marriage proposal and the next step in fulfilling her dreams. Instead, she discovers something about Andrew that she cannot forgive. She leaves their shared apartment and rashly agrees to move in with four of her brother’s friends.

Esmé’s best friend Carys is sympathetic to her troubles and gives Esmé a single girl’s calendar which is designed to cure a broken-hearted women. Each day, for one month, the calendar provides Esmé with a comforting piece of chocolate and a daily task to complete. She had assignments like: get a new haircut, spring-clean your wardrobe and smile at ten strangers. These ideas may all be found in common…

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#Romance set in #Alabama My #Bookreview of Break The Line by @allsnmllnx @FierySeasPub

Rosie Amber

Break The LineBreak The Line by Allison Mullinax

Contemporary Romance

Fiery Seas Everlasting

February 13, 2018

3.5 stars

Break The Line is a quick light read romance set in a small Alabama town.

Benson is a pro-fisherman, but when his boat hits a submerged log, while travelling too fast, he’s thrown overboard. He’s rescued by a very angry redhead. But, when he goes to thank her, her anger seems to be much deeper than could be caused by his one error.

Danni-Rose is a park naturalist who is used to the annual fishing competitions, but she doesn’t have to like the men who compete. She sees Benson Howell as just another arrogant fisherman who only cares about winning. But Benson keeps appearing in her life, and her family and friends are encouraging him to be her friend.

For six years Danni has put up imaginary walls and been consumed by guilt after…

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