Jerk Magnet: A Guide to Demagnetize Book Review


Synopsis from Amazon:

Jerk Magnet: A Guide to Demagnetize goes beyond help with jerk spotting and avoiding to look at the psychological reasons that cause one to become a Jerk Magnet in the first place. Clinical case examples show how ingrained personality patterns are a combination of tiny individually Charged Particles from the past that attract you (or your loved one) to the wrong person. Clinically proven, step-by-step instructions help people overcome the personality patterns that cause the attraction to Jerks. Help is finally here to demagnetize.

Jerk Magnet: A Guide to Demagnetize offers guidance and support to help you:

• Identify three categories of Jerk—The Player, the Meanipulator, and the Psychopath.

• Identify societal, familial, and environmental factors that contribute to becoming a Jerk Magnet

• Understand child and adolescent development to help children not only demagnetize but prevent the onset of Jerk Magnetism

• Uncover the mystery of the Jerk Magnet and help demagnetize with clinically supported methods to correct errors in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors


I was very anxious to read this book as I felt that the book title described my life. I devoured the book in 24 hours.


There’s a lot of good information in the book but I think it might have read easier had it been divided into two sections. The first section being about the jerk magnet “types” and the second section aimed towards parents who want to prevent their children from becoming jerks. No one wants their kids to treat others in this way.

I think the author could have expanded more on each subject if the book were divided up this way and it would have flowed a bit better. I found myself wondering did I miss a page or two?

I know it is impossible to cover every type of “jerk” behavior and the author did a great job of addressing the jerks that are most likely to be physically abusive, which is extremely important especially to younger women and men, but I felt that the jerks I date weren’t addressed.


The book also seemed to be geared towards younger women and left out women with established careers, children, etc. especially since the author discusses how our childhood influences our choices in men.


Parents model relationships for their children and it would have been interesting for this to have been addressed. Maybe that will be in book two??????

Available at Amazon Here.

Author Bio:

Bill Bunn, D.O. is a board-certified psychiatrist, writer, musician, speaker, and educator with a unique professional path.

Prior to his medical training, he was an award winning full-time college English instructor and he has continued his passion for teaching as a physician and speaker. He sings, plays the guitar, and writes educational songs about mental health issues and medications. You may have seen his YouTube videos on the benefits of Prozac or the symptoms and treatment medications for Bipolar Disorder. Dr. Bunn continues to delight students and audiences with his energy, humor, and passion for medicine. His uncommon combination of humanities and science give him an accessible and original voice in the scientific community.

For the past 10 years he has been one of the primary psychiatrists for the Brigham Young University Student Health Center, which helped him become an expert on the issues facing adolescents and young adults today.

Author Website:

I was provided this book for free by Word Slinger Publicity. I was not asked to leave a review. My review is based upon my personal experiences of reading the book and are my opinions alone.

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