UPLIFT by Natalia Terfa Book Spotlight


No matter how old we are, where we live, or what we believe – there are times in everyone’s life that cause us to struggle. An it’s in those times that we want nothing else but a word of hope and instead are so often surrounded by trite platitudes and false promises.

This is not that.

This small book was written to be something different: to uplift those who need it, to bring grace and love and light to the darkest times, and to be a voice of hope in the world where hope is often at a premium.

Read it yourself and be uplifted, or gift it to someone going through dark days.

We all need a little hope in difficult times. This is just a place to start.

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Most people who read my book or sign up for my email list (www.upliftlife.org) are going through something… maybe they are dealing with a new diagnosis, or they have just lost a loved one, or they are struggling with depression and anxiety. And often, it is the people around them that connect them to me. They are wanting to help, don’t know what to say or do, and so my book is an easy way to help. But because people are lovely – most want to know what else they can do and how they respond when loved ones are not doing so well. Since this is by far my most frequently asked question – I came up with this handy-dandy list of 5 Ways to Be an Uplifter

  1. Be with.
    Did you know that the word compassion comes from the latin words “com” and “pasus” which translate to “with” and “suffer”. So compassion literally means to suffer with. That means we sit and cry, we hug, we pray (see #3), and get right down in the crap that is happening – whatever it is – and be with them in it.
  2. Stop talking.
    We like to help. People who are uplifters are people with good intentions, maybe even the best intentions, but those intentions can come out as advice and fixing when sometimes all someone needs is you to sit down and say nothing. Trust that being there is enough. And if you HAVE to talk, say “yes, this sucks, I’m sorry, but I’m here.”
  3. Listen.
    Really. I know it seems like the same thing as not talking, but it’s completely different. It takes time. Intentional time. When you ask someone “how are you?” – mean it. Stay longer to hear more than the typical “I’m fine” or “good” that we tend to respond with. Start asking, “How are you, really?” And then listen.
  4. Pray.
    Really. Don’t just say “I’ll pray for you” but actually pray for them. At the very moment you are with them pray. When you’re on the phone or texting instead of saying “I’m praying” text or type an actual prayer.
  5. Little things.
    See a meme that makes you think of someone? Share it! Walking around and someone pops into your mind? Let them know! Send a text or email. Those little things can mean a lot, and often happen when they are needed most. Don’t miss out on a chance to be the uplifter someone needs.


Author’s Bio:   


Natalia Terfa is a pastor at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. She is passionate about grace, yoga, and reading. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and daughter – the love of her life.

Connect with the author: Website  ~  Twitter for Book ~ Twitter  ~ Facebook


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