Falling for the Chance by Kennedy L. Mitchell Book Spotlight


Two years after losing her fiancé, twenty-seven year old Emily Heart still hasn’t recovered. Everyone has told her to get back out there, to live her life – her best friend going as far as setting her up with an online dating profile – but she just can’t move on. Not only can she not move on emotionally but she has now found herself stuck in a career path far from where she saw her future self. One hot Friday afternoon in Dallas she meets two potential men that could make her see things differently.

Martin or Mike that is the question Emily has to answer. She has been out of the dating game for so long how can she keep up with these two playboys? With her best friend Christine by her side Emily maneuvers through all the ups and downs of a single, mid-twenties woman in Dallas. With one there is a spark, the other offers so much fire she knows she will get burned, but what Emily needs to find out is if the chance of being burned is worth it.

This Dallas based, contemporary romance is hilarious, passionate and will have you laughing out loud as Emily tries to figure out her love life.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: b1wcjul3hzs-_ux250_

I’m a Gemini, fun with a slight crazy side. Breakfast foods are my favorite, I can eat pancakes at any time of the day and don’t even get me started on my love for donuts. I live in Dallas with my husband, 4-year-old son and our tiny horse of a dog, Hutton. Reading is my favorite – about 2-3 books a week when I’m not writing- so I started a book review blog and realized I loved writing and being creative. I work full time as a Recruiter for a large restaurant concept which keeps me busy during the day, but as soon as my son goes down at night the MacBook comes out and I start writing.

Falling for the Chance was written on a whim after too much wine and hearing B0RNS ‘Electric Love’. What I wanted to write was a book that I wanted to read, not filled with descriptions that go on and on but lots of dialog and action. That’s what I want to read so that’s what I wrote. My friends begged me for more after the first few chapters I sent them and I was hooked, hooked on creating a story that drew people in. I wrote 70,000 words of a story that came from my head, how amazing is that. Now I can’t get enough, every spare second I sneak away to jot down notes, sneak plot ideas into random conversation and talk about my characters like they are real people (they are right?).

I would love for this to be more than a hobby someday, but right now I’m enjoying the freedom it gives me to let others glimpse into the hundreds of unspoken conversations floating through my head.

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