A Single Woman’s Focus: Every Ruth Needs a Naomi by Carla R. Cannon


Do I have a book review for you today, my friends. I just finished A Single Woman’s Focus: Every Ruth Needs a Naomi by Carla R. Cannon and I about to pick it up and read it again, and again, and again…….


Let me digress here for a second to share with you how I came upon this book. Within the past five years, I have gotten divorced, been in a three year relationship that ended, and I have just gotten out of a three month relationship. Seeing the pattern here…….


Needless to say, I am a woman that does not like to be alone and will ignore so many red flags, will become my man’s doormat, and I will stuff all my feelings “where the sun don’t shine” until I finally end the relationship fully consumed with hatred for myself. Yes, myself. So, after enduring another heartbreak and a night of tears, I do what every woman does and goes to Amazon’s self help section to figure out what when wrong.


As I am looking for the right book to tell me that everyone else is to blame, I came across this book, A Single Woman’s Focus: Every Ruth Needs a Naomi and thought this is the one. Okay, so enough about me, let talk about the book. So I begin to read this book and by page 15, it is going to take an act of God to get this book of out my hands.


I swear the author is sitting next to me and speaking to me like we have best friends for years and she is telling me like it is, AND ISN’T WHAT I WANT TO HEAR, but it is exactly what I need to hear. Oh, did I forget to tell you that this is a Christian Book? Now, don’t go rolling your eyes and stop reading this because you need to hear this (unless you already have the perfect husband and the perfect marriage, then go carry on with your Mr. Wonderful) but for some of us that haven’t found our “Mr. Perfect”, we need books like these to realize that we don’t have to be perfect, but we do need to be patient. Not only do we need to be patient, but we need to get honest with ourselves and get honest with God. Yes, you heard me. GOD. I had a great relationship with God before I read this book; he was in the Heavens and I was down here doing things my own way and getting in my own way. Then suddenly this book downloads into my life, and I am singing “HALLELUJAH”!

 Finally, an author has written a book that awakens my inner soul, and makes me turn my life back over to Christ by not judging or condemning me but by pouring her heart out to me about her own personal experiences. 


Yes, my friends, this book has not only saved me from future heartache by trying to do things my way, but has saved my life! Because today, I AM FREE AND BORN AGAIN! I have given my heart and soul back to my Heavenly Father, who I am certain has been patiently waiting for me the whole time to surrender to Him. This book made me realize that I am never alone when I am in God’s hands and he has been with me all along. So now, I will return his Grace and patiently wait on his timing and work on my relationship with Him and myself until I am found by the man that He has for me.

I understand that this was supposed to be a book review but it has turned into a true testament of God’s work.  This book didn’t come into my life by accident but it came into my life when I was ready to receive it.


Even, if you are not a Christian, there are a lot of good things in this book that will help you in your quest for a husband.


I highly recommend this book and I will giving my 22-year-old daughter a copy and every single friend that I know a copy!!!!



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