In Memory of a Beloved Nephew

I’ll Carry You With Me~
Two years ago today
I never thought I’d lose you
Taken away in an instant
There was nothing I could do
As the months have gone by
and my heart remains the same
Still left shattered and broken
At the mention of your name
If I only had a second chance
To have you back with us
I would cherish every moment
We’d have so much to discuss
I would tell you how I was so proud
Of the man you came to be
A great father to your daughter
That everyone could clearly see
I would tell you how much I love you
Remembering all the years I got to see you grow
How honored I felt to be your aunt
But all these things you will never know.
I have my photos and memories of you
Because that’s all that remain
I will cherish these always
Until we met again
Please know you will never be forgotten
As you are thought of every day
I carry you in my heart forever
So you are never far away
Love you always, Jakey
Your Auntie

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