Hawaiian Homecoming by Libby Cole #BookReview


As you may have noticed, I have not had a lot of book reviews lately on my blog. I have been going through a personal situation that involves my child so she comes first. Thankfully, that seems to be under some control so I was finally able to finish a book that I have been waiting for which seems like forever, Ms. Cole. 😉

Hawaiian Homecoming is the third book in the Hawaiian Heartbreak Book Series by fellow blogger and author, Libby Cole. The first book in the series is Hawaiian Heartbreak which my review can be found HERE! The second book in the series is Hawaiian Healing which said review can be found HERE!


New love. New beginnings. They’re fragile things, so easy to run from.

Kayla’s never felt as sure about anything as she does about Jay. Leaving everything else behind to be with him feels right. But going back to reality is tougher than she thought it would be. And when everyone you’ve always known and trusted has doubts, it’s even harder to ignore your own.

But how do you convince those who know you best, that sometimes, finding your home isn’t about a place?

The third and final book in the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy, a fun and racy contemporary romance. This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to explicit sexual content.

So without further ado, I offer you my review…………………………………………………………


Hawaiian Homecoming picks up from where Hawaiian Healing left off. Jay and Kayla have returned Kayla’s life in New Zealand. Jay is instantly thrown into the baggage claim by Kayla’s parents (not literally). Jay in his wonderful splendor does not take it personally.


Throughout the book, Jay and Kayla are bombarded by Kayla’s family, her best friend, and Kayla’s douche ex-boyfriend about Kayla’s decision to abandon every thing that she knows to return to Hawaii with a guy she’s only just meet.

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Jay decides to take Kayla away from all her troubles for a few days and indulges her in a lot of wine and sex.

images (1)

Upon Kayla and Jay’s return to Kayla’s apartment, she receives a call from her best friend and asks that Kayla and Jay to come to meet her at Kayla’s parents house to talk.

download (2)

What happens when Kayla and Jay get to Kayla’s parent’s house? Have Kayla’s parents found out something about Jay that could destroy them? Does Kayla return to Hawaii with Jay or does Jay return to Hawaii alone? You will have to read the book!

You can purchase all three books of the series for one price at Amazon here.

I give this book three out of four “KiKi’s”. See Rating system here.

With the last book of a series, I like to feel that the story is complete and the characters are in their happy book world living on happy clouds. I didn’t get this from this book. It felt a little rushed and I feel a little lost as to Jay and Kayla, which makes me wonder does Ms. Cole have another series coming out which intertwines Jay and Kayla……………………..


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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