#BookReviewers Rant About Some #Authors

First and foremost, this does not apply to all authors. I have meet several amazing authors that are absolutely wonderful and deserve to be recognized: Georgia Rose, Christine Hughes, Libby Cole, Julia Kent, Lisa N. Edwards, Tamra Lassiter, C.H. Armstrong, and Kelly Cain, just to name a few.

I’ve been reading some crazy stuff on social media regarding authors and book reviewers and I think it’s a shame. I totally understand the time an author puts into writing a book and I respect that. So I ask for that same respect. I am happy to promote a book for any author for free on my blog out of that respect for an author. I want every book to succeed or at least have a chance to touch someone’s life.


I also do a lot of book reviews for authors and I’m happy to do it. But please remember that I am only one person, with a full-time job, and a single mother. If I promised you a review, you will get a review after I read the book, IN MY OWN TIME! Unless you have chosen an expedited review, which is a different story. Please remember, just because you give me a free book to read (which I do sincerely appreciate) you don’t own me. I am not in a monogamous relationship with any author, so I will be seeing other authors as well. Ā 



Please keep in mind that a book reviewer for each book read puts in approximately 15 hours of reading time, writing a review, posting it on various sites, including a blog post (I do anyway) all for FREE for your book! I also do a lot of tweeting to promote different books and different book reviewer blogs (several hours a day, in fact). I don’t think you will find many people who will voluntarily put it that kind of time for free!

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Furthermore, if a book is offered in a “giveaway”, you shouldn’t expect I will review that book within 72 hours of receiving it or that I’ll write a review at all. That’s not a free giveaway instead call it was it is: quid pro quo!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.30.22 AM

Okay, rant over!!!

10 thoughts on “#BookReviewers Rant About Some #Authors

  1. Very good points, and one of the reasons my book review blog is falling (has fallen?) by the wayside. I now read and review mostly whatever I want, and I’m pretty sure I will keep it that way. But I do try to leave reviews for books I enjoy, because I know how much authors need and want them. I would not, however, like being pressured to do so. Thanks for your perspective on this thorny issue.


      • And you said it well. Even without taking on as much as you try to do, I often feel myself obligated to move a book higher up in the TBR stack, so I can leave a review on Amazon. (Which I encourage ALL readers to do, btw.) But reading is so much more an affair of the heart when done without a cloud of obligation hanging over one’s head. And thus, I think readers & reviewers are inclined to enjoy the experience more, and have more positive things to say about the books, when they aren’t under such pressure. Good luck to you in being able to strike a balance that works well for both you and the hopeful author.

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  2. I am totally behind you on this Ms C. Book reviewers and bloggers do an amazing job and if they are good enough to accept your book on to their list authors should be thankful, be patient and be supportive of them. How about this…while you, the author, is so impatiently tapping your fingernails as you wait for a reviewer to read your words how about you go and read and review a few books in support of other authors? You might be a bit more appreciative then šŸ™‚

    Sorry Ms C thought I would add to the rant for you – of course the alternative is that they write something so unputdownable that the reviewer is unable to do anything else but read it quickly šŸ˜‰

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