MacLeod Sisters Sale Blitz


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BOTH MacLeod Sisters books by bestselling author Jamie Salisbury are on sale for only #99cents, grab them while you can

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Tartan Deadlines Buy Links:
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Take one recently divorced American and one Scottish bachelor, add in their unexpected attraction to each other.

Sprinkle in some family secrets and deception and what do you get?

Well. . .sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can’t fight love. It always wins.

Rae Spencer has embarked on a new life – in Edinburgh, Scotland. Not only does she have her dream job waiting. A man is the last thing on her mind, but, unknown to her her soul mate is also waiting.

Rory MacGregor has never been married – he’s married to his work. Little does he realize that his new American editor is going to change all of that.

They say it’s easy to let go of the past – but will the past let go of Rae? Or will it follow her to Scotland and torment her?

Family lies and family secrets are never good.

Rory and Rae defy steep odds to prove to the world that their love can survive.

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Kilted Cowboys Buy Links
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Recently widowed,  Mary MacLeod finds herself  alone in a place she’s called home for fifteen years. Rather than crumbling in despair, Martha sells her Montana ranch, deciding to travel.  Ending up in Scotland as her older sister Rae had, Martha finds the strength to move her life forward. Never one to do things small, Martha purchases an old, long abandoned Scottish manor house and begins to renovate the old structure.

Enter Edward MacDonald…opinionated, deliciously handsome, and cocky, with a dark past and secrets. He is also titled, something that was never to have been his. Edward is stunned when he finds out the neighboring land and house have been sold to a loud mouthed, know-it-all woman. What he finds when he peels away her harsh exterior is an intelligent, savvy, good hearted woman. One who unexpectedly steals his heart.

Martha finds Edward irritating, arrogant, and charming. Everything her late husband, Tom wasn’t.  She finds herself at odds with her own feelings…the softer, more feminine ones she develops for this cocky Scotsman.
Oil and water don’t mix? Can these two make it happen? Has Edward finally found the one thing in life that’s always eluded him?  And can Martha learn to love in a way she never thought possible?

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