Saving Grace by Alla Kar #BookReview


Synposis as provided on Amazon:

The first part of SAVING GRACE, a three-part serial from New Adult bestselling author Alla Kar.

This is a SERIAL, with a cliff-hanger for readers that enjoy DEBORAH BLADON type series.

When BLAIRE RAYNE’s most recent ex leaves a threatening note on her apartment door, her hard-ass Marine father doesn’t take too kindly to it. When BLAIRE refuses to move back home from college, he hires the one man he trusts to protect her, MADDEN JAMES.

If having a crazy stalker ex wasn’t enough of a burden while trying to finish college, having MADDEN following BLAIRE around tops the cake. He’d been all she’d dreamed of as a teenager. It should be a great thing, but due to the fact he’s been paid to be there, means it doesn’t count, does it?

MADDEN’s life has changed since his honorable discharge from the Marine Corps. He knows life will be different afterwards, but he never realized he’d be babysitting his best-friend’s little sister. Though, she’s really not that little anymore. She’s grown into those long legs, and every part of her screams to be touched. But, she’s off limits and for good reason. Her father would track MADDEN down if things got out of hand.

But just one kiss wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Things go south as soon as they get hot and heavy. MADDEN is the only person equipped to handle the job. However, things aren’t always as they appear. For MADDEN and BLAIRE’s sake, trusting people should be done scarcely.

Because reality isn’t always black and white.


This book involves the steamy hot story of Blaire and Madden. Blaire is a young college student working her way through college as a waitress and personal trainer. She has recently broken up with her boyfriend, Jax, who isn’t accepting the break up with Blaire.


Madden has just been discharged from the military and is Blaire’s brother best friend since they were kids, and Blaire has always had a crush on Madden since she was younger.


Blaire’s father, an active Marine, finds out that Jax is stalking Blaire and hires Madden to protect her from Jax and keep her safe. Blaire’s father clearly has no idea about her crush on Madden.

images (1)

Soon Madden and Blaire give into their feelings for each other and hot sex ensues. (Wait until Blaire’s brother finds out about this!)

During their hot tryst, apparently, Madden and Blaire weren’t alone. Blaire walks into one of her classes that she has with Jax  and playing for the whole class to see is the passionate night Madden and Blaire share.

images (3)

Clearly, it wasn’t Jax set this up!

download (1)

Did Jax have help setting this up? Will Madden be able to protect Blaire? Is there someone else that wants to hurt Blaire?  You’ll have to read the book, but remember this book is a cliffhanger!

images (6)

This is an amazing read! There is passion, romance, mystery, hot military men! Need I say more? “I’ve drank the Kook-Aid and I’m addicted.”

I give this book four out of four chicken legs.” See rating system here!

Get your copy of this book at Amazon today!

Thank you to the author, Alla Kar, for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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