If you clip your pet’s nails, this is a #musthave!


This is my sweet ten-year-old shih tzu , Ani girl. She’s an angel but is getting up in age and isn’t too happy with going to the groomers anymore. So, I have to clip her nails and it makes me so nervous. I have no problem cutting babies nails, but when it comes to my Ani, I’m a nervous wreck.  I am always afraid of clipping to far down and cutting the quick of her nails, which I have done before. I have tried many different clippers over the years all of which have been difficult to use and crush her nails instead of cutting them.


I ordered the RollinPets Pet Nail Clippers and they are wonderful. They are so much easier to use then the other one’s that I have tried (above). They have a nice soft grip to hold, which when you are trying to hold a dog’s paw in one hand and nail clippers in the other, this is important. The RollinPets Pet Nail Clippers are very, very sharp, so I can cut a little at a time. It makes it so much easier to cut her nails because they are so sharp, you can literally take off a centimeter at a time. Since I am more relaxed using these, my dog is more relaxed as well. I also love that you get a storage bag and a massage brush with this set.

You can get the RollinPets Pet Nail Clippers here: AMAZON



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