#BookReview of Hawaiian Healing (Hawaiian Heartbreak) (Volume 2) by Libby Cole


Synopsis as written on Amazon

Kayla came to Hawaii to heal her broken heart. Not to get it smashed all over again. Jay took over her mind and body, consumed her, and then he was gone. All she has left are the questions she can’t run from any longer. Can she survive without him? What’s more important, love, or the life she’s built at home? And why does it suddenly seem like Jay’s hiding something? The second book of three in the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy. This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to explicit sexual content.


This is the second volume of the Hawaiian Heartbreak series. The book continues where Hawaiian Heartbreak left off. Kayla is still in Hawaii with only a few days of her holiday remaining. She is heartbroken over Jay’s departure after their fight.

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Kayla is trying to figure out what she should do when she reunites with Jay and they decide to continue on with their relationship during her remaining days in Hawaii. Their adventures in Hawaii resume along with their hot and steamy sexual escapades.

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Finally it comes time for Kayla to return home and to her real life, but not before having a heart to heart talk with Jay, who reveals something he has been hiding from her.

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After turning to her friend while still in Hawaii, Kayla confronts Jay and a decision is made. Can Kayla forgive Jay? Is Jay really what he appears to be? Does Kayla leave Hawaii with or without Jay? You will have to read the book! Just like the previous book, this book ends on a cliff hanger!


I give this book four out of “Manta Rays”. See Rating System here.

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This book is available today on Amazon HERE!

Thank you to the author, Libby Cole, for an advanced copy of this amazing book in exchange for an honest review. I know that she is currently busy writing the next volume to avoid my wrath! 


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