#Bookreview of Goddess by Kelee Morris



Wife, mother, PTA president… Sex Goddess?

For Julia Nelson, it was only a faded tattoo, almost forgotten, like the sex-charged dreams that inspired it some 20 years ago.

For renowned, rugged-sexy archeologist Dr. Ashland Stewart, it was his greatest discovery, the sacred emblem of an ancient goddess culture.

Two symbols, eons apart, yet exact duplicates. It must be a coincidence. But when Julia and Ashland meet, their connection is instantaneous, powerful, erotic.

Julia’s suburban life is safe and comfortable. She has everything to lose. Ashland’s world is remote archaeological digs and flings with younger women. He’s sexually free but emotionally guarded.

Ashland awakens Julia’s long buried inner goddess with breathtaking passion and insatiable desire.
But their sexual adventure becomes increasingly perilous as their emotional barriers crumble. Will Julia risk falling in love and soaring to new heights, or will she return to her earthbound responsibility to her family?


Julia is married to Matt, who works out of a town the majority of the time, but this allows Julia the benefit of being a stay-at-home mom, attending PTA meetings, carpools, etc. The life most mother’s wish they could have. Moving on………………

Julia has a mysterious tattoo on her ankle that she got in her younger years. This tattoo had appeared in her dreams when she was younger, along with a mystery man that makes all her sexual dreams come true.

While at a PTA meeting, Julia is approached by a woman, Nina, a Ph.D. student in archaeology at a local university whom she has never meet before, but asks Julia about this mysterious tattoo that is on her ankle.


Based upon this mysterious tattoo, Nina invites her to a dinner with other archaeological students and the renowned, archaeologist, Dr. Ashland Stewart.


During this dinner, which Dr. Ashland is actually too busy to attend because he is solving the world’s problems with North Korea. North Korea is important to Dr. Ashland because he believes there exists a forgotten society that holds significant archaeological history called Magoa. Julia’s tattoo is the symbol for Magoa.

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When a discovery is made that possibly relates to Magoa, Julia is offered a job working on this discovery at the university with Dr. Ashland. Julia’s friend, Van, is all for Julia getting out and discovering “inner goddess” and is actually encouraging her to get it on with “Dr. Feelgood”.

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While working at the university, Julia and Dr. Ashland, engage in a no holds barred affair. If it was not for the fact that Julia is married, the sex scenes would have been even better for me. But, that’s just my personal opinion on that matter. Moving on………….

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At this point in the book, I am finding it very difficult not to judge Julia and pull her aside and give her a good talking to.

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Needless to say, Julia is busted out by a student, Elena, that is also in love with Dr. Ashland and had previously befriended Julia’s 17-year-old daughter, Lily. Who do you think Elena reveals Julia’s affair to……

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Julia confesses to her husband, who also reveals a secret of his own, Julia continues on with her affair with “Dr. Feelgood”, all while her family is falling apart.

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Dr. Ashland has gotten permission to resume his archaeological work on Magoa in North Korea and wants Julia to join him for the summer. Julia contemplates going but then something happens with her daughter, Lily, and she decides it is best that Elena go instead.

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Well, I do not have any answers for you because this book ends on a CLIFFHANGER! Now, I must await for the next book to hopefully be able to move forward.


So in the meantime, I give this book a three out of four “spiders”. See rating system here.

This book is available for pre-order on Amazon here, and will be available on November 1, 2015. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber like me, it will be free.

I was given this book by the author, Kelee Morris, in exchange for an honest review. My review of this book is based upon my own opinions of reading the book and are my opinions alone.

****Side note, it was very interesting for me in reading this book as it actually takes place in the State that I live in so it was nice to be able to really picture the scenes and the cities mentioned in the book.

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