#Bookreview of Her Accidental Husband by Ashlee Mallory



Once upon a road trip to Mexico…


This book involves Payton Vaughn and Cruz Sorensen, who are both heading to Puerto Vallarta for a wedding. Payton’s best friend, Kate, is marrying Dominic Sorensen, Cruz’ brother. Cruz has been asked to “babysit” Payton and make sure she arrives in time for the wedding. (Why Payton requires a babysitter is beyond me, but hey, it makes for a good read, right?)


Payton and Cruz are totally opposites. Payton was born into prestigious family and is engaged to the prestigious, Brad Eastman. Oh, La La!  

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Cruz is a hard working gentleman that has worked hard for the family business. Brad, being the great fiance that he is, had to back out on going with Payton to Mexico, last minute, because he is just working so hard. Prior to boarding the plane, Payton decides to video chat Brad to apologize for not being so understanding of his job. Guess what Payton sees when “Brad” answers the phone?

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So, after some challenges on the airplane, Payton and Cruz have to drive to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Oh, did I mention that Payton and Cruz don’t much care for each other…….and it is going to be a LONG DRIVE……….especially, with car trouble that lands them a night of drinking and unexpectedly married!


Needless to say, Payton and Cruz finally make it to the wedding but they are a few added wedding guests on the list: Payton’s overbearing pretentious mother and Brad.


Is Payton’s marriage to Cruz real? Does Payton’s mother reign Payton in to be “the good little girl” that she raised? Does she forgive Brad? Or does Cruz say, Adios, I’m outta here!!” You will have to read the book!!!

This really was a great nail bitter and I enjoyed it immensely. I give it four out of four “Tequilas”. See rating system here.

The Sorensen Family Series: Book 1 ~ Her Backup Boyfriend, this is book 2 of the series, and is a stand alone.

Her Accidental Husband is available on Amazon starting TODAY. You can purchase it from Amazon here.

I was given this book from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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