My personal experiences while reading Walking in Grace with Grief by Della Temple



I actually read this book twice. One with a closed mind as the author believes in the metaphysical world and I do not. The second time I read the book, I read it with an open mind.

We all have lost someone that we love. Sometimes the loss is easier to accept, my grandmother’s passing at 101, my grandfather’s passing in March of this year at 85, where I was actually with him and was able to experience this beautiful moment, as he joined his wife of fifty-five years, my grandmother, who passed away in 2003.

But the loss that hurts the most is the loss of my nephew, Jakey. He was killed March 14, 2014 on the job at 28 years of age. My nephew and I shared a special bond as my sister had him very young and I was only nine when he was born. He stayed with our family until he was five so he was like a little brother to me. To have him suddenly ripped away from our family was beyond comprehension. To watch my older sister go through such indescribable pain. My sister and her husband had previously buried my step-nephew, Kalin, in 2005, as a result of a car accident, at 20 years of age. I never wanted to experience that kind of loss again but that is not up to me.

In reading the book the second time, I felt the words the author was saying and the words she was conveying as if she was there with me. Helping me to release the emotions that I had been holding in especially towards his employer. The meditations in the book helped me to let go and enabled me to just breathe. This is a book that I will always cherish. With all the “coincidences” that brought me to this book, I truly believe that I was meant to read it and I am grateful for the opportunity. 

No one really knows what happens after we die, but my wish is that someday I will be reunited with my loved ones that have gone before me. Or that maybe, I can open my mind enough to feel the love that surrounds me by my loved ones that are gone, especially those that were taken away way too soon.

In loving memory of my nephews, Jacob and Kalin. Wherever you are, I hope you know how truly loved you both are and how truly missed you have remained. With all my love, your auntie.

10708575_969550489740461_8730934862725520315_o (1)Jakey

The Fourteenth……..

Friday, the 14th of March
One year to the day
You were just doing your job
When you were so tragically taken away

Getting home to see your daughter
Most likely was in your thoughts
Instead of returning home
It was you that we lost

It’s still so hard to understand
Still so painful to believe
That you are no longer with us
Your impish grin we no longer see

It hurts so much to know
How upset that you would be
Knowing how your death
Has torn apart our family

Hopefully with time
The pain won’t be so real
The cracks within our family
Will finally begin to heal

My dearest nephew
I hope you will always know
You will never be forgotten
and I will never let you go.

Thinking and Loving you always,

Auntie Wendy


6 thoughts on “My personal experiences while reading Walking in Grace with Grief by Della Temple

  1. Such a beautiful post! You can just feel your love for your nephew in your words. ❤

    Grief is such a horribly consuming feeling. Yet after a few weeks of someone being gone, it's kind of considered taboo to be thinking about them, or talking about your grief. I know that in many ways, it's simply because a lot of people have been lucky enough to have never lost a loved one that they felt empty without, and it's simply a matter of them not knowing the words to say to bring comfort, so instead they ignore it and generally everyone ignores it. Everyone except the person living the hell of it that is.

    I'm glad you found a book that touched you and brought you some comfort and release. *big hugs*

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