My review of Hawaiian Heartbreak by Libby Cole



This story involves the beautiful setting of Hawaii and Kayla and Jay. Kayla has gone to Hawaii to lick her wounds after her ex-boyfriend of four years, Danny, has cheated on her. One of my favorites lines from the book was “He doesn’t get to rent a space in your head and come along for free.”~Kayla

Upon her arrival to Hawaii, she meets a tour guide named Jay, and a hot passionate affair ensues between them.

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This book immediately wanted me to book a trip to Hawaii and find my own “Jay”.


Kayla and Jay have such an obvious rare connection and the banter between the two is hilarious! This was a nice quick easy read, but the ending frustrated me to no end.


I give this book four of out of four pineapples not only for the beautifully descriptive writing of Hawaii, but also for the HOT, HOT sex scenes.

This book is written by Libby Cole, who I have been following her blog since I started blogging as she is a fellow book blogger. You can find out more information about her book and blog here. Congratulations Libby on your first book!!! I cannot wait to read more about Kayla and no pressure, Ms. Cole, but GET TO IT!!!

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