The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


I am delighted to be nominated for this award by ajoobacatsblog .


1. Display the award on your blog
2. Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who awarded you
3. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award
4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded
5. Write seven interesting things about you.

Bloggers I Nominate
1. romance4thebeach
2. anaspoke
3. suereadingcorner
4. somewherelostinbooks
5. rwh92
6. betweenthelinesbookblog

Seven Interesting Things About Me

  1. I work in the legal field during the day.
  2. I wish I could live in a house on the beach and could read all day.
  3. I am a HUGE Tim Tebow Fan!
  4. I have never tried an audiobook.
  5. I am the pickiest eater in the world.
  6. I am a smoker, I know! I know! Terrible!!!
  7. I am a mother of four kids, ages 23, 21, 11 & 6.

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