My review of If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins



This book involves sisters, Rachel and Jenny. Jenny, a wedding dress designer, is recently divorced but remains good friends with her ex-husband and new wife. Rachel, a stay-at-home mom with triplet girls, has the “idyllic marriage” to Adam, a corporate attorney. Jenny has moved closer to her sister, Rachel, and to open her own bridal store. Life is not always what we want plan it to be as Jenny discovers her husband is having an affair, and Rachel finds herself attracted to her new super, Leo, who has enough baggage to sink the Titanic.


This is not your true romance novel but more a novel about the bonds between sisters (which I can personally relate), betrayal, forgiveness, and finding the inner strength, you didn’t know that you had.


This was an amazing read that brought out an array of different emotions in me as the author has written this book so that you can completely relate to each sister and their different situations.

This is the first book that I have read by Kristan Higgans, and it certainly will not be my last.

Definitely, a four out of four wine glasses!!

If You Only Knew is available for pre-order on Amazon: If You Only Knew

I received this book compliments of Chatterbox House Party.

3 thoughts on “My review of If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins

  1. I’m a little hesitant to read this book. I’m a big fan of Kristan Higgins but I really like romance novels, and not contemporary fiction as much. This might be a spoiler question but does this book have a happy ending?


    • I am clearly a romance fan myself, but I have never read a Kristan Higgins book before this one. From what I understand it is a little bit different from her typical books, but fans are still enjoying this book as well. I would say it has a happy ending as the characters reveal what they’ve learned from themselves and each other. There is some romance to it, but it is definitely not the main point of the story.

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