My review of One & Only by Viv Daniels


This book involves Tess and Dylan, and a whole lot of “rules”.

Tess lives with her mother, who had an affair with an affluent married man, Steven, which resulted in the birth of Tess. Tess’ mother has continued the affair with Tess’ father. Steven has another family that includes his daughter, Hannah, that’s about the same age as Tess. Tess knows about Hannah, but Hannah knows nothing about Tess. (But we can’t discuss that because of the “rules”). Ok, now that we have the family tree established back to Tess and Dylan.

Tess is extremely intelligent and gets invited to a science event her senior year of high school where she meets Dylan, another smarty. The two pair up during the event, part ways, leaving behind their virginity to each other. Two years go by and Tess and Dylan reunite at Canton University catch up on old times and Tess discovers Dylan is dating……yep, you guessed it, her half-sister, Hannah, and things fall apart or into place, depending on which character you are in the story.

The smartest character in this book is Dylan. He is the only one with the common sense to break “the rules” about Tess. I understand Tess wanting the acceptance from her father, but, clearly, he’s only a sperm donor to Tess and a money train for Tess’ mom.

I follow the author’s underlying point that we can overcome the mistakes of our parents and learn from them, but if Tess didn’t have the intelligence that she did, I could see this story going in an entirely different way.

With a book like this, it would only be appropriate to leave you with words of Dr. Phil:

imagesThank you to NetGalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available at Amazon: One & Only (Canton Book 1)

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