My review of Risking Hearts by Iona Findley


This is the second book that I have read by Iona Findley and the characters just keeps getting better (Each book can be read on its own). In Risking Hearts, it is a romance involving Hope and Jake. Hope has her own catering business and Jake is an airplane pilot. Hope receives a bid to cater at a airport where she meets, risk taking Jake. Jake is determined to win the heart of Hope, who tries to resist his deep-hearted charm. Hope has lost her parents in a plane crash and Hope was the only survivor. Understandably, I related with Hope’s initial hesitancy to get involved with Jake. But through Jake’s good hearted soul, he is able to help Hope with her inner struggles and at the same time, helps Jake right back. It is a love story by through love you can learn to take risks and live in the moment as Hope knows how life can change so suddenly.

Thank you to author, Iona Findley, for the opportunity to review another wonderful book. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Risking Hearts: A Hero’s Heart Romance #2 (Hero’s Heart Series)

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