My review of The Wrong Todd by Donna McDonald


The book involves a romance between newly divorced, Sabina Blakeman, and Koka Whitman, aka “Todd Lake-The Sexy Chef”. Sabina was to attend a charity auction on behalf of her ex-brother-in-law and best friend, Joe, to bid on “Todd” for him. Sabina incidentally bids on the wrong Todd and wins a date with Todd Lake-“The Sexy Chef”, and the sparks fly. Sabina and Koka make an ideal pair, but Sabina is still suffering from self esteem issues from her previous marriage and is still not ready for a relationship. Koka persists in his interest for a relationship with Sabina.This book is a love, patience and understanding can overcome anything if you are willing to let someone in to your life.

This book was not only a romance but has a lot of comedy in it as well. Joe is an amazing character and I would love to read his story!

The Wrong Todd

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