My review of Love Unbroken


This is a story involving Emma and Trey. Emma previously relocated to Diamond Creek to find her biological sister after finding out she was adopted, and to escape her abusive marriage to Gary. Initially, Emma is closed off about her previous marriage and doesn’t talk about it. Emma blames herself for getting involved and staying with Gary as long as she did, as she is a therapist and in her mind should have known better. Emma is continuing to be victimized by her past marriage with Gary and doesn’t feel she is worthy of love, and has kept herself shut off from the possibility of love.

Trey, is a widowed, single father of a 6-year-old boy, Stuart, and is an attorney and pilot. It is through Stuart as to how Emma and Trey met and they start a relationship. Emma is very worried about her past and feels that she isn’t good enough due to her past. As Emma opens up to her biological sister and her friends, she begins to heal and allow Trey into her world.

Emma has been receiving private phone calls to her cell phone on periodic occasions since she divorced Gary. Finally, Emma opens up to her friends and Trey about these calls, and soon Gary is in Diamond Creek. Gary’s presence shows Emma that her past world of pain with Gary can now lead to a future of love and support through her family, friends, Trey and Stuart.

Love Unbroken (Diamond Creek, Alaska Novels Book 3)

This is the second book that I have read by J.H. Croix in her Diamond Creek, Alaska Novels Book Series. I previously read and reviewed, Follow Love, the second book of the series. The nice thing about this series is each book can be read on its own and you don’t have to read the entire series.
Follow Love (Diamond Creek, Alaska Novels Book 2)

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