My review of Nobody’s Fool


This book involves sisters, Grace, Holly, and twins, Emma and Portia. Grace and Holly are the older siblings and have been taking care of Emma and Portia since they were little girls as their mother had died at a young age. Holly is the main character of the book. Holly has been the primary sister taking care of twins, Emma and Portia, and living in London, Canada. While Grace, has become an attorney, married, and is living in Boston. Holly is looking for her sister, Portia, who is bipolar, has stopped taking her medications, and has left their home in Canada. Holly is looking for her sister in Chicago and finds a former classmate, Josh. Josh is someone that Holly has hated most of her life for an event that he did to her when they were younger. “Holy Holly” has to rely on Josh to find her sister due to certain circumstances, their attraction is undeniable, and romance ensues. Holly and Josh are led back to Holly’s hometown to find Portia. Holly has no choice but to rely on Josh for his help and she must let her walls that she has built from her past fall in order to save her sister. All the sisters are brought together in their hometown to deal with an issue in their past, and further secrets are revealed. Thank you to for the opportunity to review this book and provide an honest review.
This book will be available August 25, 2015, but you can pre-order it now at a reduced price. I wanted to read this book because it involved a character that has bipolar, and it is nice to see an author writing about mental health issues in a clear productive manner.

Nobody’s Fool (A Willow Park Romance Book 2)

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