My review of Cop on her Doorstep

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This book was an amazing testimony to overcoming a broken heart. Carrie, a widow of 6 years, is just existing day to day, with her son Eric. She has guarded her heart and vowed to never be hurt again. Her son’s actions bring Italian hottie Officer Jake to her doorstep. Carrie and Jake have an obvious attraction to each other but both must overcome their past hurts to be able to be open to love again. Life offers no guarantees of tomorrow and you must live in the moment or live in fear. What do you think Carrie chose???

Cop On Her Doorstep (True Love In Uniform Book 1)

My review of Summer of Good Intentions

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This book involves a family that each year comes together in July to meet at the family’s summer house in the Cape. The family consists of the parents, Arthur and Gloria, who have divorced after 46 years of marriage, and their three adult daughters. Maggie, Jess and Virgie. Maggie is the micro manager of the family and is married to Mac and they have 3 kids and the idealistic marriage. Jess and her husband, Tim, have 2 kids and are on the verge of divorce, the final sister, Virgie, is a workaholic who idolizes her father and is in a new relationship with Jackson, R.N.  The families converge upon the Cape house and secrets are revealed. Gloria arrives with her new boy toy, Gio, and Arthur must  come to terms with their divorce. This book is so beautifully written and the author makes you feel like you are vacationing along with the family. I became part of the family and  wanted to aid and comfort each family member. Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy.

The Summer of Good Intentions: A Novel

First blogged product review is………the Instyler Tulip

So I saw the As Seen on TV infomercial for this product on tv. I read the reviews and saw some other people demonstrate it, blah, blah. Most would only do half their hair and to be quite honest, I wonder how many of these people are paid for their reviews. Anyways, with that being said, I forked out the $99.00 at my local retailer and bought one. I also have very hard to curl hair, won’t curl for anything. No matter how much product, I put on, etc. But, hey I digress, like anything, the device takes some getting used to using. I am very impatient, and you can only put 1 inch sections of hair in the device at a time. Hmmm, that sounds like this is going to take me awhile as I have hair a wee bit past my shoulders, all one length, and a lot of it. You also have three different settings of time depending on what kind of curl you want, 3 seconds for beachy waves, 8 seconds for soft loose curls, and 12 seconds for “tight striking curls”. Also, has three different heat settings, 350 degrees to 400 degrees. Of course, I require 400 degrees to really burn the heck out of my hair. Also, did I mention this product claims to give you curls within 3 seconds! Uh no, not on my hair. Directions are pretty simple: 1. Insert Hair Section 2. Tap a Button (and don’t forget to let the button go)3. Release perfect curl! Okay sure let’s give this a whirl:

First try, put in to much hair. Second try, didn’t put the hair exactly in between the gray buttons, third try finally got a curl, I guess…..that was trying it for three seconds. After trying it for 12 seconds, standing, holding, waiting for the three long beeps, and finally a curl. It took me probably a good hour and a half to do all of my hair. It also seems like it doesn’t wrap my hair around the curler tight enough. After using it several times, it finally takes me about 45 minutes to do my entire head. So most days, my hair just goes up in the standard ponytail or bun, but that’s a whole different blog. It does curl better than a regular curling iron, I will say that. I just don’t have the patience to curl 1 inch sections of hair at a time. I’m a busy girl! I will also say that it is fun to do and is relatively easy to use, the back of the head takes some patience but overall I would give it 3 out of 4 stars!

InStyler Tulip Auto Curler

Possibly my new favorite book! A Glimpse of a Dream


First off I would like to say that I have never read a book
that I have felt so much emotion. I cried tears of happiness,
tears of sadness and tears of frustration.
This book starts off with two children, Teaghan and Kane,
who are brought together by unfortunate circumstances,
and meet at Raven’s Peak.
The book continues with Teaghan and Kane growing up
and finding love, tragedy, loss, and ultimately family.
I absolutely loved this book and is probably one of my new

A Glimpse of the Dream